MidKnights of the Round Table 4


1.Give us your current RB depth chart and why?

SCS: 1. Toussaint 2. Smith 3. Cox (Shaw eliminated until grades clear up) Based on reports, Toussaint seems to be running with the ones, while I think Smith might just be a bit rusty from recovery. This could change in a minute, so who knows.
Hulk: RBs.   1. Shaw   2. Fitz   3. Cox   4  Smith  5. Hopkins
JC: 1A - Fitz Toussaint
1B - Vincent Smith
1C - Mike Cox
1D- Michael Shaw
Really.. it's such a close race right now. Different guys make plays every other day. They've been giving Fitz more reps with the 1's because he looks like he's ready to take over, but not quite. Vince Smith is recovering well and is more trustworthy than the others. It's going to be a fun one!
Shredder:  1.Cox- Good blend of speed and size. Hope he has figured out the mental part by now. 
    2.Shaw-Would be one but didnt take care of his school, this is a make or break year for Shaw.
    3.Fitz or V.Smith- Fitz needs to prove it in real game time for me to name him the starter and for whatever reason I see Smith as more
of a 3rd down back.
Dark Blue: 1. Shaw, barring any classroom setbacks, I think he’s the guy. 2. Vincent Smith, gave us a glimpse of what he could do late last year. If his knee is good to go, he will be a major contributor. 3. Fitz, I have no idea if it can translate into a real game, but he has been impressive so far this fall. 4. Cox, I wish he would be the starter. Cox hits the hole hard will be a great internet meme. 5. Hopkins, I expect him to get quite a bit of work down around the goal line.

2. % Tate makes it four year at UM?

SCS: 50%. This could honestly go either way, so I'll just do the correct math and say 50% yes and 50% no.
Hulk:  41.439486%
JC: I think he will. After the bad helmet news, Tate has been practicing well and is working hard.
Shredder:  55% I hate to say this but there is a chance his ego flames him out. Its something he needs to get in check. Not sure if thats what hurt him in the off season or just being lazy but if you wanna be the man of this team than you need to show it.
Dark Blue: I think he’ll stay all 4 years, He’s going to contribute on this team so why not. I’m going to say 99.98%.

3. If we end up playing Alabama in Dallas at Jerry Jones Stadium or you cool with this?
SCS: Yes, beats playing some Baby Seal U in the Stadium. Plus, it gives us a chance to prove our mettle against a team that has been extremely dominant recently. I'd much rather watch a great game on TV than go to one where no one truly cares about it unless we inexplicably suck.
Hulk:  We could play Alabama on the fucking moon and it would still be cool. Actually, a game on the moon would be bomb ass dick.
JC: Hell yeah. Hopefully we have a badass offense and a solid defense by then. Or Nick Saban is gone.
Shredder:  Yeah being in Dallas is a bummer but still puts in Michigan football in the "now". Its a great step in the right direction with doing this young recruits wanna see. This can only help. I just hope we can make a good game of it and RR is around to see it. I havent heard much on it in the last few days so maybe its more up in the air than what we think?
Dark Blue: Hell yes I am. What could be better than kicking Bama’s ass in front a bunch of Texans. This would be a huge game, not only because it pits two historically great programs against one another, but also for recruiting reasons. Make it happen David Brandon!!

4.Favorite current MMer who doesn't write for the blog(live blog users)?

SCS: Tie between TLP and CMR, who both bring a lot of humor to the liveblogs. Plus, it's nice having someone (CMR) consistently around to help me run the liveblogs most nights that's not named Shredder or Seth (sorry guys, you both write so I can't pick you). TLP brings enough wit and intricacy into the film business that it's impossible to leave him off.
Hulk: ToB or CMR
JC: Hulk? He's a good guy who I have give shit to all the time.
Shredder:  Thats a hard question. I love all my friends. CMR is pretty entertaining, Fly and sec20 always have good things to say. TOB brings great tidbits of news when he does come. OSD is from Tatooine which makes him a sand creature.  We have some great rookies in Vader and MEZMAN. I dunno... I like them all.
Dark Blue: This is a tough question, I love when the WLA come to visit, and lately Sebie has been spending quite a bit of time with us. That crazy Canadian makes me lol. I like TLP, he’s got one hell of a creative side, and like me, he can take typos and run with them. I like almost everyone else who comes to visit us, even you Irish.

5. What will be the final score of the UConn game
SCS: 38-21. I expect it to be a bit closer than most are giving UCONN credit for, but anything is possible

Hulk:  31- 20 Michigan
JC: Michigan 31, Uconn 20.
Shredder:  I have a feeling its gonna be a high scoring game. Both defense's lack a lot at this point. UM 31 UConn 24
Dark Blue: 937-12. I anticipate a high scoring game and I think the final score will probably be Michigan 49 UConn 21. GO BLUE

6. To expand on the first question give me your starting line up, for both the offense and defense, for the UConn game.

SCS: O: QB: Robinson RB: Toussaint: C: Molk OT: Hugye, Dorrenstein OG: Schilling, Omameh  WR: Stonum Hemingway SR: Roundtree SR: Odoms
D: DE: Black, Martin, RVB LB: Mouton, Moundros, and Roh S: Kovacs, Robinson, Gordon CB: Woolfolk (in light of the Woolfolk injury starting CB has been changed to Cullen Christian), Floyd (Assuming we start out in a 3-3-5 setup)
Hulk:  QB: Denard   RB: Shaw   WR: Stonum, Hemmingway   SR: Odoms, Roundtree   OL: Lewan, Schilling, Molk, Omameh, Huyge
      NT: Martin      DT: Banks      DE: RVB     LB/DE: Roh      Mike: Ezeh    Will: Mouton       Bandit: Kovacs  Spur: Jones    Free: Cam Gordon             CB: Woolfolk (Cullen Christian) and Floyd     NB: CC
JC: QB - Robinson, RB - Toussaint, WR - Roundtree, WR - Stonum, SR - Odoms TE -
LT - Lewan LG - Schilling C - Molk RG - Omameh RT - Dorrestein
DE - Banks NT - Martin DE - Van Bergen
LB - Mouton LB - Ezeh LB - Roh
CB - Floyd S - Kovacs FS - Gordon S- Robinson CB - Christian
Shredder: I am sorry, it's 5:30am and I barley typed out question 1-5. So I will have to use my one time pass. I'm so tired, I just want my bed. 
Dark Blue: QB Nard Dawg, RB Shaw WR Stonum WR. Hemmingway SR Roundtree SR Odoms LT Lewan LG Schilling C Molk RG Omameh RT Huyge
D Line RVB Martin Banks
LBs Mouton Ezeh and Roh
Secondary Cullen Christain, JT Floyd, KOVACS, Cam Gordon, and Jones

4 Response to "MidKnights of the Round Table 4"

  1. SCS100 says:

    I just realized I only have 10 players on O. Add Odoms as a SR.

    Dark Blue says:

    Shredder pussed out and couldn't answer all 6 questions. Fail Shredder fail.

    MidMichWolverine says:

    I'm just surprised you all were able to concentrate long enough to finish this.....

    MidMichWolverine says:

    And I was sure DB was going to name Hulk his favorite MM'er

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