MidKnights of the Round Table 3

1.This question is regarding special teams? Who does the kicking for MICH? Both kickoffs and Field Goals. Who punts? Who returns kickoffs and punts?

Seth9: Kicker: Brendan Gibbons. I figure that the scholarship kicker is the most likely guy to come through. That said, this is wide open.

Punter: Will Hagerup. He's performed well in practice and he may challenge for kickoffs as well.

KR: Darryl Stonum will be the primary guy here, given his performance last season. The second position is a tossup. I'd probably give it to Odoms, although anything really could happen here. Jeremy Gallon and Michael Shaw are also plausible candidates.

PR: Jeremy Gallon. I give this spot to Gallon over Dileo lightly, as it appears that Dileo was recruited for this job. That said, Gallon's athletic talent probably gives him the edge.

SCS100: Gibbons will probably end up doing the kicking duties. Anyone who saw the Spring Game will know that our kicking game was just horrendous in every aspect. Kicking could very well affect the outcome of several games this year if it does not improve. As for punting, Hagerup is pretty much a lock to start, especially with reports of his prowess in Newsterbaan. As for returns, Odoms will probably handle punts if he doesn't get hurt. If he does, look for Dileo to take over. As for kickoffs, Stonum should return most, with Dileo potentially helping.

Shredder: Punting is easy, Hanger up there Will... Kick off and field goals could be shaky at best this year. I guess Gibbons would have to be the man. Nothing could be worse than the year we couldn't kick at all(02? 03? 04?). Returning punts could be a tryout for the first three to four games between Gallon,Odoms and Hemingway. I can see Gallon coming out of this as our punt returner just because Odoms can struggle with making the catch and Hemingway is a bit stiff. Hemingway and Odoms both have had their moments at returners and both have struggled too.

Hulk: Lets start out easy. If Will Hagerup isn't the starting punter, we are pretty much stuck up shit creek without a paddle.

Kickoff returns could be interesting. We know one will be Stonum. Then there are a whole slew of slot ninjas/ RBs that could contribute. Last year it was Carlos Brown back there alongside Stonum. This year I think we'll see either Terrence Robinson or Jermey Gallon.

Punt returns have been interesting the past few years. We went from being elated that our D stepped up and got us the ball to "DAMMIT HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL!" I think we could realisticly have two punt returners depending on the situation. I see Hemmingway going out there to just make sure he catches it and then Odoms or Gallon when we need a big return. It would help a ton if either Gallon or Robinson can become solid when it comes to fielding punts and no putting it on the ground.

All that leaves is kicking. Brendan Gibbons has the leg to be the kickoff guy. Now when it comes to field goals, WOTS is he isn't very consistant. Michigan has lived with no name walkons kicking for the last few years with pretty good success. I'm going to say Gibbons gets the nod for long field goals and one of the walk-ons step up during camp and takes the PAT/field goal job.

JC:  As far as field goals are concerned we're not sure. But from early summer reports and fall practice so far, Hagerup is the guy at punter, and maybe kickoffs. Kid has a monster leg (stronger than Zoltan?). Stonum will be one of the kick returners, and it looks like Jeremy Gallon or Drew Dileo could see time at punt returner. They haven't done enough special teams to know yet.

Dark Blue: Punting will by done by Will Hangerup this fine young gentleman has the makings of Zoltan 2.0. Kicking is going to be done imhe by Gibbons, I didn't think the placekicking unit looked that bad in the Spring Game. Kick Returns will be done by the combo of Darryl "Sweetpants" Stonum, and Odoms would be my guess. Stonum is on his way to breaking some kick off return records. Punt Returns don't really matter to me as long as they HOLD ON TO THE GODDAMN BALL. Also Drew Dileo will make an impact here.

2.How will the "M" in the student section look with the new renovations?

Seth9: It will look the same. The renovations should have a minimal visual effect on the student section in general and that effect will be felt in the upper rows, away from the 'M'.

SCS100: It will look the same as last year; the press box just won't be there.

Shredder: Ahhh Good? I can't really expand on this question so I will talk about how overrated PSU is... Lost some O-line talent due to the draft and graduation. Lost their stud QB and even the Defense has taken a step back in terms of talent yet they are still expected to compete this season. One thing they do have are WRs. Maybe the best unit in the B10 but will Newsome be able to connect with them is the question. After seeing their spring game I would say no. He just isn't ready. Us Michigan fans know how much pain a frosh QB can bring to a season(we also know how much joy. See Henne). We also know Walk on QBs can lack a lot which is PSUs other option. Unless one of the two Frosh Qbs can get the starting gig it's gonna be a long year for PSU imo. Even Royster is one of my favorite running backs in the Big Ten just because he reminds me a bit of Mike Hart but he can't do it alone. I see them struggling this year and may only grab 6-7 wins. If I am right I will revisit this... If not... I won't ever speak of it again. Oh and the student section M will look alright... to... good I say.

Hulk: Uh Fabulous?

JC: Awesome.

Dark Blue: It will look rad as shit.

3.How will the LB play be this year, with GERG coaching them? Do they improve?

Seth9:  The linebackers should improve without Hopson, but they're performance over the past couple years has been atrocious and it's an open question as to how they'll perform. I'm hoping for adequate play out of the position, which will constitute improvement. I should note that I'm only talking about the interior linebackers, as Craig Roh will likely continue to improve off his freshman performance at his hybrid DE/OLB position.

SCS100: It can't be much worse than last year, and since Hopson is gone, I would expect it to improve. Obi not having an injured back should help as well.

Shredder: They really can't get worse. TEs should licking their ugly meat chops from last years play. But I do feel Greg is a proven coach. He turned Brown into a compete player and a draft pick. Obi and Mouton have the goods. The question is do they have the brains? They have to get better and I think they will. Like I said, they can't be much worse. I expect Demons and Roh to get even better and the LBing group might be the most underrated part of this team.

Hulk: One word. Improved. GERG is inheriting a pretty talented and experienced group. Obi and Jonas have 2 years in the same system finally, and there is a few guys that can finally push them from the bench in Fitzgerald and Demens. Competition breeds excellence. GERG made Stevie Mothafuckin' Brown into a NFL player, we can hope he does the same for Obi/Jonas right? Right?

JC: Methinks one Jonas Mouton improves and is beyond functional. Obi Ezeh will be better but still split playing time with the beast that is Kenny Demens.

Dark Blue: In a complete homerism statement I expect Michigan to have one of the better linebacking corps in the Big Ten. They will be a much improved unit.Roh, Mouton and Ezeh are geared up to dominate, anything less than total domination will be UNACCEPTABLE.

4.Will a fullback score a TD this year? Will a tight end(lol) catch a pass?

Seth9: Fullback: Moundros is going to LB, so no, a fullback will not score a touchdown this year.

Tight End: We actually are pretty good at this position between Kevin Koger and Martell Webb. I wouldn't be surprised to see them featured extensively, particularly if Koger can be consistent, since we lost Greg Matthews at wideout and a good possession target will be useful.

SCS100: Fullback, no. Moundros is pretty much the only fullback on the team, and he's practically switched to linebacker. Tight Ends will catch passes, and if you need persuading, go watch highlights of the Western game for Koger's one handed grab.

Shredder: Yes I say they put Moundros in at FB during the UMASS game and give him a TD on the goal line. TEs were catching a passes during the first 4 games of last season. Once they started dropping the ball, they stopped seeing the ball. I expect Kroger and Webb to bounce back and have a solid season. They just need to play more consistent.

Hulk: I believe so. I actually like the fullbacks on the roster. Both Moundros and McColgan are physical guys. They should be able to blow open some holes when we decide to go with our I set and even out of our 2  back spread set. I think both these guys might get a TD on carries from the ass-crack of the goal-line.

JC: I don't know if a fullback will, but Stephen Hopkins will, he's damn close to one. And yes, Tight Ends will catch passes. In fact, more than last year. For all the people claiming RR doesn't want them - well, this will prove them wrong.

Dark Blue: Yes Moundros will score a touchdown probably against UMass. What better way to reward the newly elected team captain, then for him to bowl over some poor FCS linebacker. As far as tight ends go, I think that this will be the year the Koger solidifies his place as the next great U of M tight end. I expect him to catch quite a few passes this year.

5.Is Big Will Campbell to fat?

Seth9: He's 333 pounds, so I'm going to reluctantly say yes.

SCS100: Yes, but not too much. Just needs to get inshape and he should be fine. Gabe Watson was huge when he was here, and did fine (minus the work ethic issues).

Shredder: Coming in a whopping 333lbs I think he might be. This concerns me a bit since I don't want to see Campbell and Watson in the same sentence. He has all the tools. He just needs to work at it. I would like to see him at 320. 13lb shouldnt be too hard for him to loose. He could be a force and UM best shot at the next high draft pick but he's got work to do. No more 1am Jacks forzen pizzas. Thats my job.

Hulk: Is there such a thing? Oh wait, Charlie Weis.

No I don't think Thor is too fat. He more than any other player has had his body transformed since meeting EEEEEEEEEE Barwis. He has lost a lost of bad weight and has packed on the pounds in the form of good, lean, muscular weight. He has some work to do conditioning wise, but I expect to see him at nose before the end of the season, enabling Mike Martin to Fuck.Shit.Up at the 3 Tech DT.

JC: Hell no. Without being too much like Jen.. have you seen the dude's facebook pictures? He's far from fat.

Dark Blue:Well I've recently received reports that him and Justin Turner were kicked out of Old Country Buffets recently for eating too much. Have you seen Campbell though? He is one fine looking young man, so no I do not think he's too fat.

6.Name 3 keys to U of M success this year? I know we've done this one, but hey waht the hell.

Seth9: 1) Cameron Gordon needs to be competent at Free Safety. We're lacking in experience and depth in the secondary, and as we painfully witnessed last year, poor play from the deep safety is a death sentence when you need someone to mop up.

2) We need Denard or Tate (or both) to take a leap forward this year and be able to run a consistent, balanced attack. This means that Denard needs to show that he can throw accurately during a game and Tate needs to avoid turning the ball over. We have the necessary pieces for a great offense if one of them can step up, which you would think will happen since they're no longer freshmen.

3) Ezeh and Mouton cannot suck again this year. Beating a number of good teams on our schedule (UConn, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State) requires that we at least be able to stop the run (of course, Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State may well boast good passing attacks this year, but they traditionally favor running the ball). If our linebackers are terrible again, opposing offenses will have no trouble exploiting our defense like they did last season.

SCS100: 1. Turnover ratio needs to be positive. 2. Kicking situation needs to resolve itself (we need to not suck). 3. Make sure our secondary doesn't suck this year.

Shredder: 1.Any Running back  2.Any QB 3.Any LB. Someone in all those groups needs to step up.

Hulk: 1. Staying injury free. I think we are a pretty good team when we only look at starters/contributors. When we go down the depth chart at some positions (CB, S) we get into alot of unknown/youth. Please stay healthy.

2. Turnovers. Name of the game is limiting and creating turnovers. It's really hard to lose games when you are consistantly forcing more turnovers than you give up.

3. LB play. Its time for Obi and Jonas to step up and be leaders on a defense that desperatly needs it. We will have alot of young guys trying to figure out this whole playing secondary in the college ranks thing, and the last thing they need to be doing is worrying about the SR LBs not doing their job. It should be up to Obi and Jonas to help  them, not hinder them.

JC: 1. Better play out of quarterbacks. 2. Stopping the run and being a more legitimate 3rd down defense. 3. Letting DB loose on the mgo faithful.

Dark Blue: 1. Limiting turnovers is huge, this is a team that probably wins 7 games last year, if not for the horrendous ball security. If this improves we should be successful this year. 2. Improved QB play is key, so many times last year we saw Tate make bad reads on the Zone Read Option. This must improve, and I think it will. 3. Someone in the secondary must step up and become a leader, if this happens, and I think it already has with Woolfolk, good things are on the horizon.

7.How many people will be treated for heat related disorders vs. UConn due to the no water bottle policy? What will Brain Cook throw at idiots?

Seth9: This is overblown. It's irritating that we can't bring in water bottles and it'll suck during September, but when you consider that people regularly bring in alcohol, I doubt that it'll be too difficult to sneak in water bottles. Besides, getting up at half time or showing up early and getting some water to bring up to your seat isn't the end of the world. To be clear, I think this is a dumb policy and an inconvenience, but it's not something I'm going to get up in arms about.

Also, Brian should throw octopi at idiots. That would be vastly more entertaining than water bottles.

SCS100: A few, but not many. Just be smart and chug a bottle before entering the stadium if it's really hot. And even without the policy, people still have heat issues occasionally, so this is getting way overdone. Brain will find away to get marshmallows filled with quarters into the stadium, just like the students used to do.

Shredder: Maybe 3-5k may die. Cook may have to sneak in left over food from tail gates. I wouldn't mind throwing a old beef patty at some of our fan base. Maybe even a burnt hot dog.

Hulk:  3. and Brian will throw asses cuz Brian Cook is all about the ASS.

JC: A few. Brain will likely allow his cronies or the WLA to punish the fools.

Dark Blue: People will die, Brain Cook should throw mgoidiots at other idiots effectivley killing two birds with one idiot.

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