Midnight Maize Reader Paint

Live Blog user wolverineNick submmited this MS Paint to Midnight Maize. I find it pretty fun. It has the man Joey Chessnut and my old favorite Buffet place Old Country(which shut down in GR..boo!). I also love how his face mask looks like face paint and his head is like a cone head. His teeth makes me wanna put ice cubes in my Coke thats setting in front of me. If this picture is accurate to whats going on with Justin Turner than he has a bigger problem than eating too much... He's gotta be preago.

This MMRP comes in with a score of Seven Turkey dinners out of ten!
 Out of 10!

He beat me to the punch as I was working on my own "CB U" MS Paint which of course has JT featured in it. Thanks for submitting the art Nick. If any other readers wanna submit any MS paints I will welcome them with open arms. I can than rate them but not out of Chicken Legs. Just hit me up on my e-mail.

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