Take Your OMG DOOM and Shove It.

Today we learned that perhaps our most important defender, one Troy “TWolf” Woolfolk, was injured in practice and could possibly be out for the season. The general reaction on the MgoMessageBoard was OMG DOOM. While I completely agree that this is a terrible injury, and people have every right to be upset, I don’t think its the end of the world. Here’s why:

First JT Floyd and Cullen Christian (who I assume will be the other starter) have not had significant playing time. Floyd played a little bit last year, and did not perform very well. Christian is a true freshman. Why should I be encouraged by this? We have no idea if these kids are the real deal or busts. They may very well be busts, but they could be Leon Hall and Charles Woodson V2.0. We don’t know and because we don’t know there is no reason to jump off of the cliff.

Second one guy does not make a defense. I don’t give a flying fuck how important you thought Woolfolk was to this Defense, there is ten other guys playing out there with him. I know nothing about last years defense gives people optimism for this year, but think of it this way. We return 8 starters, well 7 if you don’t count Woolfolk, these guys have all had a year to get more comfortable with this defense. Why can’t they be better, even with true freshman starting in the secondary?

Thirdly drink the fucking kool-aid, be optimistic. This is what the preseason is for. Talk shit to all of your friends who are fans of rival schools, let them know MICH is coming for them. Maybe we go 6-6 this year, but think about how good this team will be next year, with actual depth in the secondary. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe these kids grow into something special.



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