Michigan Hating God part 1

This was the latest from our Michigan hating god. As of late he has been our CB Michigan hating god. I can't express how deep the stuff... or shit we are in now. Some will say I am hitting the panic button but so what? This is the worst possible thing that could have happened before the season started. Not one injury could have been worse. I hope to god we can either score 40 points a game or our frosh play out of their minds. Its gonna take one of the two to save this team and Rich's job.

The Michigan hating god shows no mercy. It's been one thing after another. I have never seen a string of bad luck like Michigan has come across in the last three years. I have thrown out there that the Michigan hating god maybe not behind this but the Adidas curse. I swear almost every sponsored Adidas team took a nose dive at some point. Ask Notre Dame and Nebraska.

I will go back and high light some of the late few Michigan Hating Gods acts of kindness in the next few weeks. MS Paints? Yes we will have full MS Paints to show what our God in action. I hope to god(hehe) this season isn't over before it got going (that maybe a bit much). All I know is that the ND game just got a lot harder to win.

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