mgoblog needs me no more

Well mgoblog will finally be back to normal. The Malware is gone and it is safe for everyone to go visit again. I just wanna thank mgoblog for letting me take over(or me just doing it with out asking). I know I may have come up short but I gave it my best shot. Brain's job is not easy, of course working in your underwear and not shaving or cutting your hair for months at time would be an awesome perk but he really puts a ton of hard work in to bring you the best Michigan site on the web. I couldn't keep up the last two days. The Hello post did me in but I did find it fun giving out Midnight Maize stars for a recruit. I might revisit that since my eye for football talent is great(horrible).

I didn't even have to deal with all the shenanigans of the Mgoboard. I am sure that's a whole another job in its self. If Mgoblog ever goes down again with an ITD after having a late night with some strange ass than I will be there to pick up the slack. And to give you the best 2nd rate(or 3rd or 4th) mgoblog coverage on the net.

Again Thank You.

The Shredder

P.S Cat pictures for good measure.
P.P.S Brian I hope you don't hate me.

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