Day 2 of mgoblog project help v1.0 Hello: Russell Bellomy

Oh god the dreaded Hello post. I was hoping Brian would have Mgoblog up and humming by now. He brings the best info of the three recruiting sites to one page. I googled stalked this kid for an hour and still don't know if he prefer 360 or PS3. I guess the recruiting sites don't tell you that kind of crap. Anyway Lets all welcome Ronald Bellomy!

As you can see Ronald has a wide variety of ratings. He is a fast and shifty QB but is projected as a wide receiver at the nex... wait I already fucked this up. Wrong Bellomy.... Not only did I get the wrong prospect but I even spelled his last name wrong. It is "Bellamy". Geezus... Hey Brian anytime the Malware machines stop winning you need to come back take this great responsibility from me. So scratch that Bellamy or Bellomy. 

So the real Bellomy please stand up....
As you can see Midnight Maize gave him six stars. This a pure evaluation from myself and I know nothing about mechanics or foot work...or even know how to throw a football. So take my insight with the smallest grain of salt. He appears enjoy tossing Nurf footballs, The ones that make the whistle noise. He has good size and looks Texasish. He moves around in the pocket well. Seems to be very aware and has a "live" arm as important people would say. His accuracy is also pretty good at this point from what I can tell. He earned all 6 stars from MM but needs ditch the nurf football for a real football in order to move up to our best 11 stars or to even move up to a 7th star. Bottom line is that this kid is a great grab from Purdue and I am guessing that Joe Tiller has smoke coming out of his ears. 

I think thats about it... Oh and those other sites where people pay say he is a 3 star across the board. Scout says he is the 39th QB in the class. Rivals has him at 6'3 and 178lbs while scout has him at the same besides coming in at 185lbs. 

Film? Oh yes Film. 

He is the one with the circle around him.... He shows some nice wheels. Rivals has him coming in at a 4.63 40 time. I think Cook does some sort of fake rating. I call a bit of Bull Shit on his 40 or "fake". He is closer to a 4.67 I am guessing. Just from my eye test. I noticed 4 tenths.  

Upshot for the rest of the class? Defense,Defense and dudes who kill for fun and tackle. 

How does he fit? Ahh after Devin rules the world for two years Russell has a great chance to step in as a RS JR to take on the thrown as Hokes first QB not recruited by RR and company. We basically traded Russ here for Sousa and I think that's a pretty damn good trade. He will be red shirted this year and will sit until Devin passes on the thrown. Hopefully the world won't end in 2012 or he will never get his shot. 

Now that wasn't so bad. Was it Brian esk HELLO? Hell no. Not even close. But MM has safe Internet sex so its clean(for now)and safe to be here. Brian will have mgoblog up soon I hope. I can't keep killing his product. It takes too much talent that I don't have. Oh and we end with.... Tattoo Cats of course!.... When do I get to do a muppet post? Oh never since thats for the season.. bummer. Wait does Brian have cute pics of cats with funny sayings or people with tattoos of cats on them? I think tattoo..... Oh well 

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  1. Not to be rude, but that tattoo left me traumatized for several days.

    hahaha that is one of the funniest and weirdest tattoos that I have ever seen inmy entire life and I have seen a lot!

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