1997 Team Endorses Brady Hoke Chatter

I don't have many "sources" or any "back channels" but I do have one connection who is besties with a former 97 defensive player. This player went on to say that Dave Brandon has contacted many of the 97 players about Hoke. This player also said that everyone has pretty much told Brandon that Hoke should be the guy and has the passion and desire to make Michigan great again. When asked about what they thought of Miles, many said he has been away from the program for so long that they can't see him having the same impact(I disagree) and that his age is concerning(I agree). Not all felt that way about Miles but the majority. Nothing very surprising but figured I pass it along. I don't think this really has a lot of effect on the coaching search but it's a natural step for Brandon to get as much info as possible about Hoke from former players.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd's guys prefer a Lloyd coach instead of a Bo coach? Shocking.

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