MGOBLOG has Malware. Midnight Maize takes over!

Now that Mgoblog has been eaten by "malware" there is a new world order in Michigan blogging. Midnight Maize will now take over for mgoblog until they send Brian into the mgomatrix to give his life to save mgoblog from malware Smiths. So lets start off with.... ahhh

unverified voracity

So Michigan is gonna sign more LBs and CB so the angry corner back god will have to get very angry to make a dent in Michigan's secondary. I don't even know the recruits names who Hoke might bring in.... Man, Brian would know. So far this gig is pretty hard... ahh they have some nice stars... One is from Ohio. Lets hope to god none of them commit today. I don't think I can handle a HELLO Post. When mgoblog was taken over by Malware so was TomVH. We have Tom Selleck but he doesn't know anything about recruiting... Oh man people are gonna chap my ass if I don't get a Hello post up if some kid commits to Michigan today... Shit man.

Ahhh how can I take up space.... hmmm Ahh here is a youtube  of the players talking about Brady Hoke. Talking about touching kids? I think not!

What else? Ahh links! So the the Detnews talks about Brandon keeping a low profile during the coaching search or the "do not want to coach" search. Touch the Banner talks up our new kicker. Mgovideo now has a bunch of awesome youtubes.

Now what do I talk about?..... CHARTS! ahh yes! Brian always has all these numbers,raw data and charts! I need to number crunch! Thats what people like to see. Alright here is a look at Michigan's defense under... Greg Robonson's beach ball... ahhh defense was scored on depending on the temp.... As you can see the when it was 95 degrees(WMU game) Michigan allowed 28 points. Wait did WMU even score 28 points?

This chart shows gas used in traveling from away game to away game. Michigan may need to be more green in the future.... It may attract more recruits... Wait no this is a greenhouse emissions chart. Damn. Brian hurry up. I can't handle this!

How does he type so damn much? With great wit and length? How can I end this? oh.... yes...

Yes I did it wrong. I can't run mgoblog or even take over for it while it fights Internet porn viruses. He better have mgoblog fixed by mid day or I might have to do the Michigan vs Mississippi State UFR! My God....

8 Response to "MGOBLOG has Malware. Midnight Maize takes over!"

  1. Anonymous says:


    Anonymous says:

    Hua ha ha good stuff!

    Anonymous says:

    Shredder, glad I'm not the only one facing this problem. Let's hope my most visited site and completely addicted source of Michigan news is back by the end of the day.

    Yak says:

    I thought it was just me.

    Anonymous says:


    Ion says:

    Yes, this is awesome! And Tom Sellek to booT. You had me with or without a hello post, I've now changed my mgoblog bookmark to midnight maize.

    And for all you haterz, just try to neg bang for for misspelling!

    Erik says:

    what a great attempt at tackling the tough task of running mgoblog for brian. You should do your charts in ms paint!

    Anonymous says:

    MGoBlog lives in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

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