Will the Hokeamaniac run wild?!?!?!

Are you ready to become a Hokeamaniacs?!?!?! Well you might not have a choice. Heavy rumors keep swirling that Hoke is a serious threat to take the job if Rich Rod is let go. How do I feel about this? "Meh"... It's not sexy or impressive. I do know he will do good things with our defense which is a huge giant hot mess. But can he recruit? If Rich turns 3 star kids into studs than does Hoke turn 2 star kids in alright players(I am basing that on nothing, don't listen to me)?

He said he would coach us for free so thats a great deal for Michigan. Even if the free part was true people will not be happy. It maybe the lone saving thing that keeps him away from A2. There are some alums that don't want Hoke here. Its no secret he hasn't done much. Winning a Mac title doesn't mean you should coach at Michigan. Would Michigan even know his name if he didn't coach here in the 90? I doubt it. So who will win the three way royal rumble for the University of Michigan world championship coaches belt? Will it be The Hokeamaniac? Rich the "Rod"? Or the fan favorite Jim the "Hard"... baugh?

The next 24 hours should be huge roller coaster of terrible rumors,my sources say....,mislead news and every name from John Harbaugh to Jon Gruden which leads me to believe that its now a new rule to mention Jon Gruden when any job opens.
Hey the Grand Rapids Rampage job has opened....
Yeah I hear Jon Gruden is in the running..Might get the job.
So yeah I will be sleeping during most of it.. So enjoy and remember....


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