Bulldog Barf

Not even sure what that is. Suppose to be a Bulldog but it could be a ugly cow too... Does it really matter at this point?

I always watch the Michigan game live. Even after working a full 3rd shift. I fight through the no sleep and the thought of a terrible next night at work where I battle to stay awake. The thought of me missing it just bothers me but I come home Saturday morning from work around 9am and my wife asked if she should wake her king to watch his Michigan Wolverines go to battle in the crocodile bowl. I thought about it all night. I had a sinking feeling that the curse on Rich had to have one last laugh. Why kill myself I thought. I had that bad of a feeling. I said "naw just DVR it and I'll watch it when I get up...." Like it was the Lions or something. She was shocked. Shes asked again...I snap... YES I AM SURE. 

I begin to sleep. I slept hard since I didnt wake once to annoying Cats,Dogs,Sun,Wife,Door bells,Phones or UPS men. Thats how my sleep is usually derailed. I woke and it was pitch black. I woke in a panic, as if I were late for work. I didn't know what day it was and was all confused. Oh and couldn't move my hand since I slept on it funny and had no feeling in it. I rushed out to the living area where I found my wife watching the Rose Bowl. 

I asked if the game was on the DVR. She said yeah of course. I begin to watch the game but I notice something funny right off the bat as Denard takes off for one of few great plays he had. My wife kept her focus on the computer, like it didn't matter. She is a hardcore fan who enjoys yelling at the tv with me. I asked her not to watch for this very reason. She told me she wouldn't. Than Michigan scores and I clap. She does nothing. These events start to add up in my head as the first quarter keeps going and UM looks pretty good. She is still just sitting on the computer as if UM isn't playing. It finally clicks in my head. THEY GET DEVOURED BY THE BULLDOGS AND BARFED UP. They are about to be blown out. I ask... Why haven't you cared to watch the game? "Oh I am just busy on here" I said you are never busy during a game. They get their asses kicked don't they? She looked around. I sigh and look down. She goes on to say that she had to watch MSU get blown off the face of the earth and in the middle of that she saw a 4th quarter update. 

I watched the rest of the game looking like a lost little boy in a Wal-Mart. It was just how the curse of Rodriguez wanted to go out. In style. A 52-14 thumping. Making us look like a team that had no clue. We had seniors running out late for goal line 3rd downs, Cam Gordan running around the back field lost yelling mayday!Mayday! as pass zips by him for a TD,blocked punts. The list goes on. The only thing that came out of it was that our stud future QB could save his red shirt. I talked about this in my last post. The gods,demons and whoever don't see Rich as a good fit. They will just keep making it uglier and uglier until the deed is done.

The deed will be done next week and we can put this all behind us. I love Rich for the man he has been through this whole mess. Many would have cracked but it's time to move on and pull this plug. He tried his best but the odds haven't been in his corner the whole time. His careless approach to the defense will be his demise. It's sad since the offense was fun to watch before the Wisc game. As of late it's been just as big of a mess. I am guessing Brandon will try and bring in Jim Harbaugh. Another change... Denards "no response" says more transfers. I am not in love with starting over but at this point the curse says so.. It gotta happen. We can't take this anymore. At least we know Harbaugh will not brush off the defense. If it isn't Harbaugh than doom. I see no one better out there right now. I hear the dude from Mike & Mike name come up but he hasn't done much in his time at Ball State and whales vagina state. Not good enough for me. 

All I know is that our team looks and plays like complete Dog Barf. The Bulldog wouldn't even eat the barf back up again and bulldogs love their own fresh barf.... Thats how bad this situation tastes. God speed until the end of the curse... It ends in a few moons. 

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