Would you like to be my Neighbor?

What going on in your local Michigan blogging neighborhood?

-I was asked my thoughts on the Brady Hoke hire. You can find it here at College football Zealots.
-I also did a interview for Opposing View. Gave my thoughts on how the season went down. You can find that here.

-Yak Face or Yak Attack got some impressions from the B10 coaches on how they felt about the Brady Hoke Hire.

-Mags touches on why in hell would Denard change positions?

-Nice little Brady Hoke write up by Die Hard Sports.

-In Rod we Trust must move forward.... 

-Mvictors discusses Clans, not those kind of clans...

-The Little Hokeamanaics finds their way to Twitter. Even used this blogs 24 inch python of a MS Paint for his avatar. THATS GREAT BROTHER!

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