Interview with 2011 Chaparral OL/DL Andre Yruretagoyena

Andre Yruretagoyena is an OL/DL 2011 prospect from Chaparral highschool in Scottsdale Arizona who has recently recieved a Michigan offer. Michigan fans should recall that highschool as producing 2 highly touted freshman from this past season in Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan. I caught up with him recently and this is what he had to say:

John: I Know that you go to the same high school as Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan, have you talked to them at all about going through the recruiting process?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "I haven't talked to Craig since the summer, but Taylor and I have become good friends. I'm planning on taking a visit to Michigan ASAP and Taylor said he'd be my host or whatever. I'm really looking forward to it because Michigan is my favorite school with Oregon. But other then that we've just been talking about football and how I played throughout the season"

John: Since Michigan is one of your top schools, are you planning a unofficial visit for the spring game on April 17th as of yet?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "I haven't really thought about it. I got to talk to my parents and my coach about what I should do with visits. But if I can go, I definitely would love to be able to see what being in the Big House is like for my very first time."

John: You recently got an offer from Michigan, what did that mean for you?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "I was amazed that I got offered. Ask Taylor how I used to be, in a year I changed into a completely different player and getting an offer from a program that is respected nationwide and has as much history as it does, it's an amazing feeling, I still don't know how to describe how good it feels. Plus, if I meet all the NCAA requirements to acquire the scholarship, college is paid for and that's all my parents have ever wanted because I'd be getting in a lot of debt if I wasn't playing ball somewhere."

John: Even thought it is only February and very early in the process, what other offers do you have besides Michigan?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "Arizona, Arizona State, and South Dakota State."

John: Have the coaches told you what position they are recruiting you for?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "Nope, anything on both sides of the ball works for me though"

John: Do you have a set date for you to make a decision?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "Nope, just sometime after the season is over. I have a group of teammates who haven't gotten the exposure they deserve yet, and they all work just as hard as I do and deserve to play at the next level just as much as I do."

John: If you were a scout watching Andre Yruretagoyena play, what would you say are his strengths as a player and what would he have to improve upon in his senior year?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "Nastyness, finishes blocks, fast, technically sound, good pass blocking, strong punch, wide base. Everyone can always improve but I'd like to get a lot stronger, and faster. I didn't let up a sack this season but I'd still like to get better at pass blocking, and keeping a wider base when I run block."

John S, Recruiting analyst for

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great interview! I love the name. Does anyone know where he might end up? DL or OL?

    The coaches aren't really sure at this point, he could play both. More combine visits and his senior season should probably should tell the coaches more about his skill set.

    Dark Blue says:

    Lupe I'm impressed, You did a great job with the facebook stalking. I can't wait to read the next one. Shredder obviously picked the right guy for the job

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