As expected: much ado about almost nothing...

As it appeared all along, the NCAA found incredibly minor violations, but it will be enough for the Three Stooges at the freep to claim "victory." It will be interesting to see how the press treats this story. I am guessing that the opinions will be wildly divergent as we go forward, according to the agendas of the writers.

I'm sure one of the Three Stooges will call for RR's firing. Curly (Drew Dull) is my choice. Larry (Mark Shyster) is a follower, not a leader, so he will probably write some very tepid crap about the violations. Moe (Rosenpuke) may call for it, too, but he will probably be too busy bragging about how he is "single-handedly changed the face of college athletics" to actually write anything new.

At any rate, I am pretty sure that the freep will milk this story for all of the clicks it can get by sensationalizing it and keeping it on the front page for as long as they can. It won't keep them from eventually going under, but it will bring in a little money. I'm sure our friends at Misdemeanor State will enjoy a welcome break from their own myriad troubles and will try to perpetuate this story as long as they can, too.

The bottom line here is that "reporters" whose ethics codes require that they practice objectivity have misused their positions and caused the University of Michigan to be investigated for something that every other program in college football does. For those who would use the lazy writer's adage that "Michigan adheres to a higher standard," it doesn't apply here at all. Making errors along the lines of twenty minutes in a week does not constitute "lowering standards;" it is simply people who work hard making minor errors.

What sucks here the most is that if Michigan stonewalled like OSU and USC do, the NCAA would never have found any violations. Because Michigan does adhere to a higher standard when it comes to honesty and integrity, though, and did the NCAA's work for them, they will end up paying for it: financially, in the amount of extra work it has caused for people who already put in 80 hour weeks, and in whatever penalties the NCAA gives them to justify all of the paper that was shuffled at NCAA headquarters.

There was one great outcome, though: Brandon and RR made a great presentation and displayed a lot of unity. This will only help the program as it moves on.

Rosenpuke may be claiming "victory" today, but his true agenda was to bring down RR, and that won't be happening anytime soon. In other words:

Rosenpuke = Massive Fail.

As if we didn't already know.

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