Monday Morning Intruder Alert with DeAnthony Arnett

*Programming Note* Im, sorry, this was suppose to be posted last week, but due to technical difficulties involving indoor baseball and a broken internet modem, it had to be postponed until today. I will try to make this a weekly segment with different prospects.

DeAnthony Arnett from Saginaw is a 6'0 170 lbs 2011 Wide Receiver recruit who has been a 4.4 40. He hails from the same high school as former MSU Spartan WR and Detroit Lions 2nd overall draft pick Charles Rogers, whom he models his game after, as evident by this scout($) story. Here are his rivals and scout profiles. DeAnthony is easily ranked the highest WR in the state as of right now, and is going to be recruited by several national powers.

John: As of right now, who have you been offered by?

DeAnthony: "My offers are USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, Iowa, Cincy, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin and verbals from like 8 or 9 schools."

John: You have been offered by both Michigan and Michigan State, what does playing for an instate school mean for you?

DeAnthony: "It would be great, but the most important thing is making sure I have the right opportunities on and off the field, even if that's in another country I have to do what's right for me."

John: What did the Michigan offer mean for you?

DeAnthony: "It was good, it was my first offer"

John: Where you able to head to a Michigan game this past fall?

DeAnthony: "I went to the Notre Dame game, it was a great game."

John: Are you planning on heading to Ann Arbor for the spring game?

DeAnthony: "I don't think so, I have so many other things to check out. I need to be sure about everything so I might miss out. I'm not saying I won't come up, but it's going to be hard"

John: Have you had any contact with other 2011 recruits about possibly going to the same school and playing together?

DeAnthony: "I talk to Lawrence Thomas and Justice Hayes, but we never talk about recruiting"

John: Do you have a set date to make your decision?

DeAnthony: Nope

John: If you were a scout watching DeAnthony Arnett play, what would be his strengths? What would he have to work on and get better at in his senior season?

DeAnthony: "His strengths would be able to make plays, catches in traffic, great speed after the catch, catches the ball with his hands. Weaknesses are weight, top end speed, and catching with my hands, you can never be perfect in that area, you always have to work on that."

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