Swagger: coming to a Big House near you.

Now that recruiting is over, it's already time to start looking forward to the upcoming season. From precocious recruits to redshirts itching to get into the action, I have noticed one common thread: swagger. Michigan lost its swagger when it was traumatized by Appy State, and really hadn't gotten it back as of last season. Besides, Lloyd Carr definitely discouraged individual displays during his tenure, and tried very hard to ensure that his team never suffered from "overconfidence."

From Demar Doresy to Cam Gordon's move to safety to RR's signing day presser, the prevailing them is that the players have talent, nobody was recruited to be a backup, and UM will be back. This new generation of UM players could end up being the trash-talkingest team we have seen in the Maize and Blue since the Fab Five. It could add fuel to the fire of the "old guard" who hate RR and everything he stands for, and some may see it as a slap in the face of tradition, but I think it is about time that UM fully entered the new millenium.

I would love to see Michigan become a very confident, in your face team. I would be thoroughly entertained if they became like the old championship Miami teams but without the fatigues, cocaine, Mr T starter kit jewelry, or orange jumpsuits. When both sides of the ball start to click, it can be very demoralizing for opponents. Since opponents already hate UM for no reason anyway, why not do everything you can to get into their heads? Swagger is the best way to knock an opponent off of his game.

If everyone wants to percieve UM as arrogant, great: knock them to the ground, talk trash and maybe step on them a little while they are down there, and don't help them back up. The last two years, too many teams have "made their seasons" at Michigan's expense. It's about time to go debt collecting, and this year looks like the real beginning of the RR era at UM. There are just enough pieces in place now to get back to the level of PSU and OSU. This team really shouldn't lose to teams like Iowa, Wiscy, Purdue, MSU, or Illinois anymore.

The last two years, this team has pissed off a lot of people; sadly, it has been their own fans. Hopefully, it is time for opponents to be the ones who go away angry. And a little Maize and Blue swagger from will be just what other teams deserve for acting like they won the National Championship everytime they beat Michigan.

It is time for Michigan to regain their status as an elite team. Let the trash-talking begin.

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