Damn you Angry Michigan Hating God, Damn you to hell!!

With our loss to OSU in the Big 10 Bball tourney, the misery of the 2009-2010 athletic season is over. Well unless we accept an invite to the CBI. Thank God, but not you Angry Michigan Hating God. You have yet again ruined another year for me and the millions of other UofM fans across the globe. What in the hell is your problem? What did we ever do to you to make you hate us so much? Is it because of all of the great years we experience in football? Did you start to feel like maybe we had grown too arrogant? ‘

Well hopefully the 2010-2011 athletic season is better for us.

I can honestly say that this loss to OSU, ranks right up near the top as far as heartbreaking Michigan losses go. I would put it right up there with the 2006 loss to OSU in football, and the Rose Bowl loss to Texas. Yet I’m not angry, I’m just heartbroken. I love our Wolverines as much as I love anything on this planet, to see them lose in the fashion that they lost, is like a knife in the heart.

All that being said, I think we can take some good things from this loss. Michigan should have got beat by this team, but for 40 minutes they grinded away, and almost came up with the upset. The player for maybe the first time this year, seemed to play Beilein’s system and guess what, it worked. They didn’t fire up the three on their first touch of a possession, they moved the ball well and found the open man. I think even with us losing Deshawn Sims and possibly Manny Harris (please come back Manny) the future is going to be bright in Ann Arbor.

Goodbye Deshawn Sims, you will be missed in Ann Arbor. You gave us some tremendous performances and battled like a warrior against bigger men. Whoever is lucky enough to draft you is in for a treat.

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