The Final Four Blues

Geez. It's time for the Final Four and I am not the least bit excited. I change the station whenever anyone even talks about it on ESPN. Other than Butler having the proverbial "snowball's chance" at winning, there really isn't much to watch.

If Michigan hadn't gotten, uh, "forcibly entered" by the refs against Miami, at least we would still have a "dog in the hunt" for hockey. Instead, though, as Michigan fans, all we have is hockey teams we normally wouldn't give a shit about and basketball teams whose schools, fanbases, or both have aroused our collective ire at some point.

Usually, the NCAA Tournament has someone you really want to cheer for who has a realistic chance of winning it all. Instead, we have the following:

MSU: Bitter rival, turned UM in for Ed Martin scandal (even though it took the FBI to find evidence in a seperate investigation), took advantage of the resulting recruiting advantage to build a dominant program, and has been bragging about it ever since.

Duke: Normally the "team you love to hate" for most fans outside of NC, but they haven't really been good enough to hate lately.

WVU: The hatred of their fanbase toward Michigan is enough to want to see them lose, and while Huggins might be a good coach, the most flattering adjective I can come up with for him is "unctuous." But I just can't muster the energy to truly "hate" them.

Butler: The "Little Engine that Could," and one I have used as an example of UM's upside with no elite recruits. It's nice that they are there, but I can't see them winning it all, and I just don't find them compelling enough to actually follow and spend a lot of emotional energy on.

This is like watching a WWE "tournament" between three main event "heels" and a mid-carder who doesn't belong there. You'd like to see the mid-carder win, but you know there's no way it's going to happen, and you don't feel like cheering for any of the "heels."

So, you decide to switch the channel and watch something else. And that is pretty much what I will be doing this weekend. This is really the least excited I have been for a Final Four since the UCLA years of the 70's. I wonder what the WWE show will look like on Monday?

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