I still love you Michigan Basketball

Before the MSU game I told myself it was gonna be a 20 point beating. Just so I wasnt let down. I had no idea it was gonna be a Murder. So it was. A Blood bath. It's no secret that we are less then good. We packed it in and watched as I watched at home as MSU ran up down playing basketball. Dunking,pushing,scraping. We were zombie's.

You know what they say.. You can't bring a Nerf sword to a Knife fight.

We are mismatched at every position. They are stronger,faster and foul the shit out of us. At the end of the day that makes them better. MSU plays like it's a battle ground. They bring sharp objects and we bring Nerf toys. Why can't we bring sharp objects? For many reason. We have no swagger,no big man and no leader. That is gonna kill any basketball team. Oh and we can't shoot to save our lives but that's besides the point. So what went wrong? Everything(I refuse to dive into that question).

Is Coach B our guy?

For all the yahoo's asking if Coach B is the man for the job...Yeah he is. He took that team plus two walk ons and made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA's. That took a great deal of mother f-in coaching.. and some luck. We know that now after this years bust. He can coach. UM right now has the 23rd best recruiting class so he is getting some good kids. He is our coach. So either support him or shut it.

What about next year?

I know we have the big 10 tourney coming up and could beat Iowa and maybe...maybe Purdue but I just don't see it. I see an Iowa win and then a Purdue winning by 10-15 to end the season. So what about next year. Lots of people saying that if Manny goes pro(If he goes pro he will live in the D League) how in the world will we be any better? Well it's simple. Make shots. Get a big man(anyone anyone?) and just win. UM gets a shit ton of open looks but just misses. John B is one of the best X and O coaches around and does get open looks for his players. If they can get the mojo back and some new comers can hit some shots, you may be surprised what a new fresh team can do. Morris never hit that Frosh wall and just got better.

Trey Trey coming?

Well seeing that he was at the MSU game.. I wouldnt hold my breath. MSU is coming on strong for him. Just so we dont end up with him and his dad wants him to play for the Chips. Loosing + Manny staying=Try going else where IMO. After the year we had... I just dont see it.

I still love this basketball team.

I have been cheering on this team since 1990. I haven't stopped. Yesterday I whore my 90's fab five maize shorts to open gym. Yes I heard shit from my fellow man but I didnt care. This is my team. I stick with my coach. Things can only get better from here. All the people that hate on this team and the coach...

Chris Webber isn't walking through that door... Not because he doesn't want to but... because he's not allowed to.

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