Let the dance begin





* Apologies to Espn for using your bracket

So March Madness is once again upon us, Cinderella is waking up after her year long slumber, getting ready to put on her glass slipper and go dancing.

So which Cinderella is poised to make a run this year? Personally I like Temple although I don’t know that you can consider a 5 seed a Cinderella. How far can the 5 Big Ten teams make it in the dance. I think that you can forget all about Purdue, without Robbie Hummel I don’t see this teaming going past the second round. Wisconsin could make a run, but they have to play my Temple Owls (okay they really aren’t my Temple Owls, I’m not a fan, I just think that they could make some noise) in the second round. Ohio State could make a run to the Elite Eight but I don’t see them beating Kansas.

This is my favorite multi-day sporting event through out the course of the year. It is a blast trying to predict the unpredictable. So here are my predictions that you probably shouldn’t listen to.

  • Temple makes a run to the Final Four
  • Michigan State gets knocked out in the first round, signaling an end to Tom Izzo’s dominance
  • Purdue get upset in the first round by Siena
  • The Big East sends two maybe three teams to the final four

So there you have it. DB’s predictions that are sure to be untrue after the first weekend of play.

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  1. Tater says:

    Speaking of Izzo and Misdemeanor State, my biggest hope is that they lose so early that Izzo decides to leave for the NBA while he's still "worth" $5 million a year.

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