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Anyone who saw tonight's Wings-Penguins game might see where this piece is going, but someone really needs to deliver a few wake up calls to both league executives and the players themselves. Crosby's stupidity at the end of tonight's game only magnifies the problem that has existed for a while: a lack of respect between players. The best example of this would be Matt Cooke, who inexplicably got away with no suspension after delivering a head shot on Marc Savard that landed Savard with a grade 2 concussion. As video evidence, I provide Crosby's actions from tonight, as well as three head-shots from Matt Cooke over the last two years, James Wisniewski on Brent Seabrook, and Mike Richards' hit on David Booth that ignited the head-shot debate earlier this year.





Oh, and for good measure, this is retaliation gone wrong (Bertuzzi)

The league really is spiraling out of control when it comes to discipline, not that Colin Campbell has ever known how to do his job when it comes to this. They may have started on the correct path with suspending Wisniewski being suspended for 8 games for a head-shot on Seabrook. In the meantime, players need to respect each other, Crosby (still) needs to grow up, and Colin Campbell is still a dumbass.

Oh, and if Don Cherry gets mad, you've messed up.

Don Cherry on Cooke

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