Where does the basketball team go from here?

I have to be honest here, as usual: when I watched MSU's freshman center shoot over Sims like he wasn't even there to open the game today, I turned on the DVR and stopped watching. So, while I can't really comment from the POV of someone who watched the entire game, I can definitely say that it was obvious after just one basket that MSU would do what every big team that has played UM this season has: exploit their height advantage and force Michigan to drain a lot of treys if they were going to have a chance at winning. Obviously, it didn't happen that way.

What Michigan has tried to do this year is like a middleweight fighting as a heavyweight. If everything else is equal, the big man is going to win most of the time. The middleweight may get in a few lucky punches, or even avoid being knocked out and win a few decisions, but the bigger fighter will win more often than not.

Until Michigan gets some big guys who can play, they will continue to be what they are now: a small team that can win a few games here and there, but not seriously compete for titles and probably struggle against elite competition. People can whine about JB all they want, but Michigan is going to have to find some bigger players if they are going to seriously compete for titles in the Big Ten or the NCAA Tournament.

This team's upside in two years is to do what Butler did a few years ago: have four seniors who hit a lot of outside shots and get to the second weekend of the tournament. They might even win a game the second weekend if they hit enough outside shots. But there is no way this team is going to compete for anything worthwhile until they get some taller players who can give them a semblence of an inside game.

JB is a very good coach who deserves enough time to get enough players to execute his system. But this team won't win without at least two players who are at least 6-10 who can score inside, rebound, and play decent defense.

They will have a couple of bigs on the floor soon, but you never know how they will turn out. What they really need is one elite player who is a legit 6-10 or taller to commit in the next two years. If it doesn't happen, we may be in for some more lean years. If it does, we may see the glory return to Crisler sooner than it looks right now.

Here's hoping it happens soon.

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