I am a Lost junkie. My wife and I tune in every Tuesday. We even make the same dinner(spaghetti). I even watch the episode again the next week when they replay it. I love lost. It got me thinking.. What Michigan players would be on the island? The one's who seem Lost right? Lets take a look at the players that would wondering the island looking for a way home and onto the playing field.

Terrance Robinson

Terrance has been wondering around the island now for two years. When he first got to the island he hurt himself which took his stay from short term to indefinite. Terrance spent a whole year on the island hurt and healing himself. The island in 08 was a better place to be anyway then on the field in Michigan Stadium. Last year Terrance tried to leave the island. The island made a deal that if he caught a 50 yard pass from David Cone(He has been on the island longer then Carl Tabb)then he would be moved off the island and free to return to the football field. The only "catch"(hehe)... The football was a coconut. Cone threw the coconut but Terrance could not haul it in and dropped it into the sand. Terrance was banished to another year to the island. A player by the name of Kelvin Grady transfered from the basketball island to the football island and was taken off the island and taken straight to the football field. Taking Terrance's place.

Any hope of getting off the island?
Yes, reports have been positive for Terrance this Spring. Many say the field is not far for Terrance. The island may test him during the spring game. I really think Terrance gets off the island and see's the field some what this season. If he can catch that coconut he will be fine.

Jonas Mouton

I know what many of you are saying.. What? Jonas was on the island last year? Now if you watch Lost you know the character Desmond can time travel with his mind and not by choice. It just happens. His body doesn't go but his mind does, blacking him out. Jonas Mouton has the same strange power/problem. During any given play last year Jonas would black out! His mind would go to the island. Almost like he belonged there. It was calling him. This would cause huge errors in Michigan's Defense. Lots of TD were scored and many big plays took place due to these "black outs", when Jonas would flash to the island. The coaches even sent him to the island for short periods of times hoping that it would make his mind right... It never did.

Any hope of getting off the island?
Well since he is physicaly off the island, yes. But will he stop flashing mentally? That remains to be seen. Any Senior before Jonas that had this condition seem to get over it. Prescott Burgess kicked it in his Senior Year and never flashed after the 06 ND game. I think with two years under coach Rob we can expect the flashes to stop. They will have to stop if UM has any chance this year stopping the run.

Martell Webb

Martell was a lot like Jonas. Martell didn't have flashing issues but cursed stone hands. Martell got cursed by the island in his Freshmen year while trying to escape the island and trying to sneak his way onto the depth chart. It didn't work and thus cursed. Webb was lucky enough to get taken off the island but the damage was done. His hands hurt him last year as he dropped many passes. Webb was never sent back to the island but can he stay off it is the question?

Any hope of staying off the island?
While rumors have been rumbling that Brandon Moore has been making plays this spring on the island, I think Martell can use his physical tools well enough from getting cursed with the "Underwood". It's old curse that the island did to an old RB by the name of David Underwood. A senior who was banished to the island forever. I have faith in Martell to break the curse of his stone hands and not add another curse. Two cures would be bad...Maybe some Devin Gardner baby/voodo talk can do the trick?

Adam Patterson

Adam has been on the island the longest. Adam came in a 4 star stud and has been buried on the island ever since. Walk ons have even left the island before Adam. Adam doesn't want to be a lifer on the island like many before him. Adam has always been like the extra's in lost. Just in the background wondering around. Never getting any camera time. Just there. You always see big 99 walking around the island wondering what happened. Will he finally get a role?

Any hope of getting off the island?
A lot of times if a player doesn't get it by now he never will and thus is stuck on the island. Adam is looking to change that. With a thin D line and even Rich Rod mentioning him in a presser, things are looking up for Adam. He may see spot duty on the field and may help here and there. He may not totally get off the island but may earn a few trips back to the main land for some spot duty.

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  1. Dark Blue says:

    This was awesome, Martell Webb and his stone hands may be staying on the island forever.

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