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Out of boredom of the off season, I decided to create a top 15 user live blog poll. What factors go into coming up with the top 15 you ask? Well.... lots of things. The points DB has randomly taken and given to our users. Attendance,good info,good input,lurker points... Everything. I didn't want to include the foot clan but Dark Blue said it would be no fun unless I included everyone. It's hard to pick one writer over the other. It's like having kids. You love them all, even the ugly one(DB). So I give you the first official Shredders Top 15 Live blogging Users of Midnight Maize. I think this could move to top 25 once the season starts.

1.Hulk-This maybe a shocker.. Since we hate each other and always disagree, but... He was the first person to show up to my live blogs. He is a MM Pioneer and even helped get people to our late night shindigs. I don't know how long he could hold the number one spot but this is like the preseason poll. You know how those go.

2.SCS-Always helpful,good humor. Keeps the hockey pucks on this board happy. He also seems to rangle Jen very well.

3.Dark Blue-Gotta love DB's humor. He writes into randomness but I enjoy it. DB also gives out and takes away points. SCS love of soccer almost moved DB into the 2 spot but in the end, Dark Blue's love for odd porn knocked him down to three.

4.The Other Brian-Always brings some good info. His love,hate with Jen is always good once a night. Anything past that is a bit much. We all love us some TOB.

5.JC-A lot like TOB. Great info on the team. Has a good understanding of football. Always keeps us on topic.

6.Seth9-The newest member of the foot clan. He has already stormed the blog with great posts about things outside of UM football. I see Seth9 having a lot of upside and may move up the polls fast. He is also a time traveling nerd/LOST fan like myself so that can only help him.

7.Tater-Would be higher up the poll but he has a normal life, with a normal sleep pattern that I envy. So Tater isn't on as much as others. He does make great posts that piss of news papers and MSU fans everywhere.

8.osdihg-Our friend from a far might ask more questions then any MM user. He also gets points taken away faster than most users for his outlandish comments.

9.Sec20-Sorta of an mystery. Shows up often and always has good input. Been around a while.

10.Jen-Loud,drama and fun. Her joke about TOB going to bed early because he has the MEAP test the next day cracked me up to no end. We also share the same phone. That's gotta count for something.
12.Turd Ferguson

Others receiving votes-gs85(controversial/knows his football),NBL(great lurker),John S(MIA due to work),Evan Turner has the clap(that name alone gets one vote), Tsimanga Cowabunga(MIA for a bit)

That's how it stands as of now. I think we may see some shake ups as the weeks go on. Tune in next week for the most useless Top 15 poll on the internet.

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  1. Dark Blue says:

    Dude I'm not ugly, my mom tells me all the time that I am a very pretty man.

    TheLastProphet says:

    Haha, this was great stuff. Keep up the good work Shredder.

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