Shreds Top 15




Others receiving Votes-TheLastProphet,CWoodson,Chitown,Turd Ferguson.

The Shake Down

SCS keeps on cleaning up my messes. Even though I didnt have a live blog scheduled for Saturday night(draft night), SCS started one. TOB and JC move up due to some good info about a near possible commit. They bring some nice tidbit most nights. Will Robin ever jump Batman? Dark Blue drops only a bit. For no reason really. Others just stepped their games up(whatever that means). Seth9 with another great post about the Big 16 or 22..whatever, just read it. Sec20 seems to be opening up more,which only helps. OSD jumps a bit for watching some LOST. Tater drops due to having a day life but he will move up after his great night on Saturday night. Hulk started out at 1 and has dropped like a rock since. LOST mashing+humping a Bulaga Whale all night=A well deserved drop. Fly3 has showed up and done some nice things. Speaks his mind a bit and I hope to hear more from Fly. Jen drops out. Seems like she just shows up and meows.. Or doesn't answer my Droid question for a good 20 mins after asking 2729380 times. We will see what next week brings.

Shreds Top 15 has been brought to you by Mitzy Cat Food. The freshest tasting fish,red meat and turkey for your cat. Brought to your cat in tiny cat head shapes.

3 Response to "Shreds Top 15"

  1. TheLastProphet says:

    Woooo! I am "receiving votes." I feel like I'm on the verge of greatness. This could be my week to shock the world.

    SCS100 says:

    The sponsored by Mitzy Cat Food is great.

    Dark Blue says:

    The Buluga whale seems to have drown. Take that Hulk ;p. In other news I'm rated way too high.

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