Spring game impressions

Finally, after yet another week of anti-RR hysteria in the MSM, we got to watch the spring game. I will leave the deep analysis to those who are more qualified; I would rather give some quick impressions and miscellaneous observations.

1. Denard looks like a QB now.

After all these years of watching Michigan get killed by fast QB's who can throw just well enough to take advantage of their feet, Michigan now has one just like them. Last year, Denard looked like an athlete playing QB. This year, he looks like a QB with elite athletic ability. It remains to be seen what he can do against the number ones, but I would love to see RR play both Forcier and Denard most of the season if both stay healthy.

2. Tate Forcier gets no love

After his brave performances with injuries last season, it would seem that Forcier would have earned a "free pass" for the rest of his career at Michigan. Instead, it seems to be "shit on Tate Forcier" day among not only the fanbase but also on BTN. As we all know, he played with the twos against the number one offense. He wasn't as flashy as Denard, but he did move the ball against the number ones at a rate that would piss me off if I were GERG.

I know it will be trendy to label Forcier the backup and Denard as the new number one, but I fully expect Forcier to start the first game this season. After that, we'll see how both QB's perform. As I have said before, I am in favor of using both QB's each game and going with the "hot hand" at the end. I'm hoping that's how it works out. In the interim, though, Tate Forcier deserves a lot more respect than certain segments of the fanbase are giving him.

3. Is the defense really that bad?

The problem with spring games is that the more the offense gives us to cheer about, the more reason the defense gives us to be scared. The first team performed well against Forcier, but he still moved on them and scored enough to cause concern. I think they will be better than last year, but I also think the offense is once again going to have to shoulder a lot of the load for the team to win eight games this year.

4. DG redshirt: dream or possibility?

DG definitely showed why he was so highly-regarded. After a couple of freshman mistakes, he settled down and performed well. That being said, I think his status is up to Forcier and Denard. If they both play well and stay healthy, I think DG will get his redshirt. If, however, Forcier proves to have more heart than body, DG will move to number two and should see action. I hope he redshirts.

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