Was I not loved as a child?

I don’t want to go all WLA on you guys but after reading the entries in last nights live blog after I checked out for the evening I was left wondering, was osdihg not loved as a child?

I can picture this guy, alone in his mom’s basement, spreading his feces all over the wall, as he tries to get past world 1-2 in Super Mario Brothers. Loud screams waft up the stairs, “I LOVE ICE CREAM, MOM I POO’D IN MY PANTS, OHIO STATE SUCKS” .
In all seriousness though this post was brought on by our fearless leader’s announcement of a favorite live blogger pole. osdihg has my vote. Osd, I kid you with this post (Don’t get offended or Hulk will rip your arms off, I don’t think you are completely retarded) This guy has the ability to make me laugh out load 3-4 times per night. Sure ToB and JC always have good info, Jen has her rampant flirting, and Shredder has the MS-Paint touch. But osd you win live blogger of the year in my opinion.
Okay now back to not being gay and retarded. In all seriousness who would you vote for?

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