Midnight Maize around the web


Well it's been one busy week. The ol' Shredder has been all over the internet doing interviews and previews of Michigan for the up coming season.

College Football Zealots was nice enough to ask me to do a Michigan season preview. I am no Hulk, JC or TOB when it comes to X and Os but I tried my best. Make sure to go over there and comment the hell out of it.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by MGOBLOG's SixZero. It was an honor. I just wanna thank SixZero for the effort he put into the interview and having me as a guest.

I will be on tonight with a Live Blog.

Oh and this just in...

  31 (72%)
  10 (23%)
  2 (4%)
Soft Drink
  0 (0%

Pop... Boooyeah!

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