Midnight Maize Press Conference


Reporter: Whats the big news?

The Shredder: I was asked by my work to move to 2nd shift which would make doing Midnight Maize hard. I was given a week to think about it. I thought how nice it would be to have a normal day life. How nice it would be to hunt turtles by night and not by day. I thought how nice it would be to not be tired all the time.

Reporter: So is this gonna change MM?

The Shredder:.... No, I decided to stay. I will not be leaving 3rd shift(people gasp and flash bulbs go off). By moving to 2nd shift I would lose a few things. My weekends. The blog would be affected. As tired as I am I have a lot of freedom to do whatever I want on most days.

Reporter: So will the same live blog schedule continue?

Shredder: No I am happy to report that I have a brand new schedule that will be the same every week. This what we are looking at. Starting now.

Monday Night-Live Blog
Tuesday Night-Live Blog
Wednesday night-Live Blog
Thursday night-Off
Friday night-Live Blog
Saturday night-off
Sunday night-off

Shredder: This should help people know when the live blogs are taking place and can only help the site grow.

Reporter: Will Live blogs take place on Saturday nights during the season?

Shredder: Yes, we will add live blogs to Saturday night so we can all meltdown after loses or get over hyped after wins.

Reporter: Any Top 15 news?

Shredder: Yes, it will be moved to tomorrow due to the schedule news.

Shredder: That is all, thanks for coming out.


(Shredder leaves the table)

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