Shreds Top 15




Others receiving Votes-TheLastProphet,Jen,Turd Ferguson,Boxxy,Bahmen

The Shake Down

Dark Blue hops SCS for the top spot. Dark blue had a Tux for the awards show and gave nice speeches when people were AWOL. SCS has a bye week as well. Seth9 added a great post about Big Ten Expansion. It was a novel and a great read. TOB has been missing a bit but rumor has it that the Red Wings have him down in a bomb shelter cursing refs and eating $5 Hot and Ready's most of his days. Tater has shown to the last two Live Blogs and disagrees we me on a number of topics. Always good. JC has been a bit MIA as well. Another NHL thing. Watching his Golden Boy for the Pens. Sec20 keeps climbing the ladder of success. Hulk moves up a spot. Not sure how or why. Irish made a nice jump into the top 10. He's been on a lot as of late and first ND fan to crack the top 10. Fly stays put and may jump soon. He always has nice little recruiting nuggets.

OSD drops after a disaster of a week. First Harry Potter Loving and then saying Andrews is not hot..Yes not hot. Then tops it off with Boxxy youtubes that Irish can't stop watching. He's lucky he's even allowed back. He was voted to be banished but he still serves a purpose. Who's gonna ask all the questions? Jen has been MIA a lot and wasn't happy about the awards show. Ahhh it was a joke? See you soon Jen.

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