Shreds Top 15



13.Butt Darts(Hulk)

Others receiving votes-NBL(no lurks?),Turd,TLP

The Shake Down

A big shake up this week, the LOST effect took a toll on some MMers. Seth9 love for LOST only helped and that he adds pretty good things every night and great posts. JC only came a few night last week but gave great info on how the D might shake out. SCS went on a Vaaaak. Sec20 climbs to his highest rank with some nice witty comments. Fly did the same, did nothing earth shattering but is just solid. Dark Blue fell from grace with LOST hate and a post saying men are not allowed to cry. OSD climbed the ladder some how. Maybe due to some great laughs he gave me.. It wasn't because of Boxxy. Tater remains stable. MMW and Cwoodson make their first jump into the top 10. Some other notes, TOB has went off the grid due to the Wings in the playoffs. Now that they are out I expect him to return(he will fly up the top 15 with his loving info) with a beard and carton of milk...bad choice. Jen makes a quick hi which is worth a top 15 right? And our pro lurker NBL is MIA!!!! Butt Darts got crushed by LOST comments and men at rest stops.

Shreds Top 15 is brought to you by Boxxy video... There is no use for this product. Its just there to annoy us and the world(besides OSD).

2 Response to "Shreds Top 15"

  1. Dark Blue says:

    Blasphemy I tell you. YOU WILL RUE THE DAY

    MidMichWolverine says:

    Ahh...finally cracked the top 10....although not sure why.....

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