Shreds Top 15




Others Receiving Votes-Hulk,OSD,Joeyb

The Shake Down

This weeks love for LOST was more apparent than ever in the Top 15. Seth9 keeps the top spot with great big 10 posts and even a future LOST post. SCS dodges the LOST dive by helping me out and starting Live Blogs at 11pm. JC brings good info every time, no questions asked. Tater's postings of 42 have been a great read. Fly as of late has been bringing some JC/TOB type of info to the blogs. Sec20 Lost hating hurt him a bit but he doesn't go out of his way ala Hulk. TLP flew up the charts. His great understanding of LOST+UM love=Future Greatness. Dark Blue took a hit for his LOST hating ways but got a boost when he said he may check it out. TOB surfaced after being off the grid for weeks, we welcome you back friend. MMW is an older fella who keeps spirits (mine) high when people get tired. Jen jumped into the Top 15 for her efforts to watch LOST sooner or later. OSD and Hulks LOST hating ways have thrown them into "others receiving votes" hatch so they can push the button forever, if they don't.. what will happen to the blog?

This Top 15 has been brought to you by Darma Beer, the best beer to be found on the Midnight Maize Island.

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