What does it mean to be a Michigan Man

So since that insanity of the offseason is upon us I have some questions out there for you Meeshigan Men. Now in bulleted format. Feel free to answer these questions in hate filled emails, comments or smoke signals.

  • What does it mean to be a Michigan Man? How many times can we visit this topic?  To me a Michigan Man is a person(male or female) who not only upholds all of the tradition at the University, but continues to build upon said tradition. Whether it is by winning football games, scheduling night games at the Big House, or taking all of the cheap shots in stride.
  • So does this mean Rich Rodriguez is a Michigan Man? Of course it does. I don’t give a shit whether you love the guy or hate him. RR is a MICHIGAN MAN. Plain and simple. This guy has endured more bullshit since he has been here than any two people should encounter in the course of their lifetimes.
  • If I hate Rich Rodriguez should I be ashamed? YES, yes you should. Remember we are all supposed to be All In For Michigan! This doesn’t involve being all in 8% of the time, and only kind of in the other 92%. You fans that feel this way should maybe head to Ohio.
  • But, but, but RR hasn’t won yet. I don’t want to wait. Well you have two choices, you can ride this storm out and then watch as Michigan puts up 62 points a game in the next couple of years, or You can go to Ohio. One or the other the choice is yours.

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