8th grade teachers are awesome

My 8th grade teacher is good friends with Fred Jackson. He was lucky enough to go to the practice right before the spring game. Here is a few things he passed on to me.

-He loved the things Denard did that day but his lack of being able to read a defense pre-snap is alarming. He says Tate is still the man to start.

-Fred loves his stable of running backs but think Michael Shaw could break away from the pack after 3 or 4 games.

-Fred also said Shaw has good leadership and shows a ton of heart. The kid wants to win.

-Thinks the defense will be good, not great...not awful(nothing new).

-Said Mike Cox struggled with blocking and just knowing the plays. Which has been sort of floating around for some time.

-Fred thinks Fitz can be pretty good just needs game reps and to get a bit more focused.

-Gushed over Gordan(like everyone has).

-RR practice's are intense and nothing like Lloyd's.

Programming notes

 I will not be on tonight. I will be back Wednesday. You may have noticed that one writer has left MM. Tater and MM decided to part ways. You can now find Tater at http://tinfoilhatsportsblog.blogspot.com/ I wish him well in his blogging future and thank him for all his hard work here at MM.

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