FIFA Update: Knockout Stage/Quarterfinals

Now that the second round is complete, I will quickly preview the quarterfinals:

Uruguay vs. Ghana
Uruguay knocked off South Korea 2-1, while Ghana edged the USA 2-1 in extra time. Look for a low scoring game with a lot of defense. Once again, look out for Forlan for Uruguay. Ghana will fight hard, and it is Africa's last hope for glory in this World Cup.

Prediction: Uruguay wins 2-1

Brazil vs. Netherlands
Game to watch #1
Arjen Robben returned and helped the Netherlands dominate Slovakia, while the Brazilians dominated as usual against Chile. Look for the Brazilians to attempt to shut down Robben's left foot, which was costly for the Slovaks. Kaka will eventually break out of his shell at some point, boosint Brazil's firepower. Look for a high scoring affair and note the somewhat suspect Dutch defense.

Prediction: Brazil wins 3-2

Argentina vs. Germany
Game to watch #2
Germany absolutely dominated England, save for a 15 minute span, with the help of a bad call, while Argentina was the beneficiary of some sloppy officiating and a Mexican implosion. Messi still has not scored in this tournament, and now would be a great time for him to break out. Don't count out Teves for Argentina as well. Germany's three headed monster of Podolski, Mueller, and Klose continues to torment opponents and shows no signs of slowing down, unless it runs into another card happy ref. Look for an entertaining affair that will probably come down to defense.

Prediction: Germany wins 2-1

Spain vs. Paraguay
Paraguay knocked off Japan in penalties while Spain dispatched Portugal 1-0. Barring a Swiss style upset, Spain should not have much trouble dispatching Paraguay. Look for Villa to continue his scoring streak.

Prediction: Spain wins 3-1
Prediction record: 6-2 (through one round)

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