Midnight Maize News Letter

Well I am behind again. Sometimes 3rds puts me through a loop. I was stuck at work this morning until 10:30 am. I am suppose to leave at 8:30 am. I have to be back tonight at 10:30 pm tonight. So they leaves little time for much of anything. I wanted to do my Top 15 last night but the kids needed me. My job is more demanding than ever. It's even hard to make it to midnight Live Blogs. Good thing some people have picked up the slack and I thank them for that. I will try my best to catch up.

In some other exciting news we just filled a rather large recruiting hole that was left by the great John S. JC will now be our recruiting guy and insider. He seems to bring good tidbits every night to Live Blogs so why not join the foot? As you can see he already pop his MM cherry with a post about Chris Rock, which was a good one. I look forward to seeing what JC can bring to the blog. I feel the circle is now complete.

In other news, I stumbled onto this odd Youtube from West Virgina. Its some hot chick yelling at "Rich Rod". I found it funny that people were so pissed about him taking a better job that they made used car ads out of it. The guy who plays Rich Rod looks about 55 years old but whatever.. It's the W.V. as my wife would say.

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