Shreds Top 15


Others Receiving Votes-Joeyb,NBL,Coward Dean

The Shake Down

I hope I didn't forget anyone. Seems to be new names all the time. JC grabs the number 1 spot just by joining the foot and giving us recruiting tidbits and news. SCS has been posting the live blogs most nights which does nothing but help me. Seth9 comes strong every night, made us proud at Black Heart Gold Pants. Hulk may have made the biggest jump in the short history of the Top 15. Watching the first season of LOST will do that(which means he's eating his words). Fly keeps bringing good recruiting notes. Dark Blue... is Dark Blue.. Oh he's a uncle! TOB climbing his way back up after going off the grid. Tater brings all sorts of crazy. TLP missing in action a bit, the screen writer maybe writing a screen play on my life and this blog. MMW has also been MIA. I think he may have switched to 2nds but I notice his CBOX presence which counts for something. Sec20 which is all solid was left off... Not sure how.

This Shredder Top 15 has been brought to you by Jim Joyce's UMP camp. Learn 1st base mechanics by the best in the MLB!

2 Response to "Shreds Top 15"

  1. Seth9 says:

    Yeah, uhh...too soon, I think.

    Dark Blue says:

    Yeah too soon. Shredder you fall to number 936 in your top 15.

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