Shreds Top 15


Others Receiving Votes-otter,Mexican Gardner,ilurk

The Shake Down

SCS keeps starting these live blogs for me which is nice and I don't need to hurry. JC brought us some Ed Davis buzz kills. Hulk and I have oddly enough started to get along more..Seth9 has been limited due to PC issues. I see I some how put "seth20" and I meant Sec20. He chimes in here and there but makes me laugh most times. Dark Blue had a nice idea for a round table when the season starts. TOB pops in and joins forces with JC to form the best recruiting duo of all time. Coward Dean is making a case for rookie of the year. Fly has been missing in action a bit like a few others... ahh it's June. OSD, keeps bringing the bizarre,wrong and not cool Youtubes to Live blogs every night.

This Shredder Top 15 is brought to you by no one. We couldn't find a sponsor..

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