Tommy is Staying Home


Tom Izzo announced tonight that he will remain a Spartan for life. Can anyone honestly admit they are shocked? This guy is one of the best coaches in College Hoops, why in the hell would he leave the proverbial superpower that he has built in East Lansing, to go to that shithole we call Cleveland?  He has compiled a career 364-146 record at MSU, including 6 Final Four appearances and 1 National Championship. Would he be as beloved in Cleveland as he is in East Lansing? The answer is a loud NO!

I’ve seen and talked to a lot of disgruntled Michigan fans, since this was announced. My question to you people is, what is there to be upset about? You currently root for a school whose motto is THE LEADERS AND THE BEST. To be the best shouldn’t you have to beat the best?   He currently holds an 18-8(or 18-3 depending on if you are counting vacated wins) record against Michigan. I don’t want this guy to leave, I want him to stay right there so I can take full joy in watching John Beilein kick the shit out of him.

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