The Circus that is Lebron James

Being a huge NBA fan and even having one small NBA connection to the league I thought I might throw out my final thoughts on this whole circus.

Nets-Lost big in this whole thing. I don't think they were ever a serious contender for LBJ. They even missed on Boozer. They have a few nice players but not close enough for any FA.

Knicks-Pay max money for a guy I don't think much of. Amare is everything what the regular season is about. Dunking,highlights and running the floor. Looking good. Amare is everything the playoffs are not about. All those things I listed do not win you playoff games. He is a terrible defender, awful rebounder and seems to be a flake at times. My one known connection has said that Amare is a "me me" player. NYC will run and look good with this pick up but will they win playoff games? I highly doubt it. Lebron knows this and knows that defense is a big key to winning championships. The NY Suns have yet to prove that they can do that. They had a great shot just because of the city but outside of that there wasn't much there.

Clipper-No need to even get into that. Their history killed their chances.

Da Bulls-As many know... I live and breath the Bulls. Since 91'. On the Lebron side of things I think you would have to be crazy not to join the this roster with Boozer on it. Between the city and the team. There are some rumors and even my connection said that the Bulls meeting didn't go as well. The bulls challenged him to take on the thrown of Jordan and for fill the legacy. They also noted that his "group" wouldn't have the free access to United Center and could come and go as they please. The Bulls basically said they are a non sense team and thats how they handled Jordan and won six rings. If that's how it really went down and then I say that's how I want my team. The NBA isn't a play ground for your "dudes" and "boys". If yoou wanna win... Come to Chicago. If you wanna play around and have everyone bow down to you than go else where. I love the Boozer signing and that makes us a better team. A championship team? No. But we can make a nice run. The more this has the gone on and more info I get... The more I am not hurting about losing Lebron.

Heat-The worst fans in the world. The biggest fair weather city. Can't sell out Miami football games unless they are winning NCs. Heat games last year are empty. The Knicks,Bulls,LA and even the Pistons sell out almost every night. Even if the teams aren't that great. Wade played the Bulls I think to pull their efforts from Lebron to him. Also with this whole documentary thing, it just smells of poor play. Bosh is so desperate to be a star it's sick. I won't even get into it. I can't see Jordan calling Ewing and Magic and saying "Hey guys lets just hook up". It's boring and gutless on so many levels. Jordan wanted to kill you. He was a killer. He didn't want to play with you. He wanted to beat you. Are you really gonna give up your prime to go play Robin to Wade? Are you gonna go be Pippen 2.0? Are you gonna cap your talent now? So sad for all basketball fans. I don't see how these three can win a NBA Title. Signing a bunch of Globe Trotters and having Bosh/Wade/LBJ isn't gonna beat the Lakers. I'm sorry Heat fans. And when they don't win a title you heat fans can go back to not showing up to the basketball games.

The Cavs-So sad. Even for someone who is a Bulls fan has to feel for this city and team. To be real, the Cavs roster is not gonna win this man any titles. Mo is a regular season player and playoff fraud. Jamison is a nice solid NBA player but won't make you a champion. Big Z is done. It's not a good roster. I think it's over and it's too bad. I wish you guys good luck. They will never forgive him for this Circus.

So my final % of tonights events.

Heat 49%
Cavs 40%
Bulls 6%
Knicks 5%

Sometimes I think Lebrons camp just puts this junk out so we can think one way and than he will go another. It's gotten so out of control I don't even know. I could be way off. Enjoy the Circus kids.

I loved Bill Simmons take.

In May, after the Cavs were ousted in the conference semifinals, I wrote that LeBron was facing one of the greatest sports decisions ever: "winning (Chicago), loyalty (Cleveland) or a chance at immortality (New York)."

I never thought he would pick "HELP!"

14. LeBron joining Wade after his 2010 playoffs flameout, in my opinion, is like Conan O'Brien getting kicked in the teeth by NBC, then overreacting and forming a late-night version of "The View" with Chris Rock, Adam Carolla and Jeffrey Ross over trying to create his own show somewhere else. (Note to Carolla and Ross: Don't get excited, it's only a hypothetical.) Total cop-out. The move of someone who, deep down, doesn't totally trust his own talents any more. And maybe he doesn't.

15. What should LeBron do? Pick Chicago. That's where the rings are. The fact that he didn't say to Bosh, "Come to Chicago with me, we'll play with Rose and Noah and win six titles together" was the single most disappointing outcome of the summer. That team would have been a true juggernaut with pieces that actually complemented each other, unlike this pickup-basketball situation that's brewing in Miami. Even with Boozer there in Bosh's place -- and I think he's a great fit for them, with or without LeBron -- it could still translate to multiple titles, because Rose could have been the best second banana since Kobe in 2001.

Just know that Kobe would have caught a whiff of those rings and gone to Chicago. Same with Jordan. Same with Magic and Bird. Chicago had the biggest competitive advantage of anyone: room for two max guys along with an under-23 franchise point guard and one of the only elite defending/rebounding big men in basketball. How can you care about winning and NOT go to Chicago?

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  1. TLP says:

    I have to admit....I am loving every minute of this. =)

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