Its Mailbag Time vol. 1

I’ve talked for a while about a reader mailbag segment and while checking my email today I had a couple of emails from readers. So I thought I’d kick this off with the first of hopefully many mailbag segments.

what do you think? better than putting a 12 in where the 11 was...


from Steve A

I can’t speak for the rest of MM but myself, I like it. Obviously the logo would have to be cleaned up a little bit, but I think we have a winner. Nice work Steve. Could a MM reader be the founder of the new Big Ten logo? Only time will tell friends.

Since you seem to know absolutely nothing of the goings on in the world, I was wondering what is your opinion on the BP oil spill and also how many games will Michigan win this year?

 from toucansam

Well first of all interesting name, it leaves me wondering, How big is your nose? In all seriousness I haven’t really thought about the oil spill too much, yeah its a terrible thing but really, I think a little bit of oil in the ocean is worth being able to drive to Wal-Mart and buy a new pair or Wrangler jeans. Or maybe I’m full of shit, that is actually the case. I am full of shit. And truthfully I really don’t care about the oil spill although that is probably because I’ve never been to the gulf coast. Sue me.

As far as U of M’s 2010 record, the homer in me says 13-0. However realistically I’m going to say 9-4 with a bowl win.


So look as far as this mailbag segment goes, if you want serious answers you can email anyone of those addresses in the upper right corner of the page. If you want bullshit answers then email me. I do bullshit and I don it well.

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