Liveblog Schedule from Now Until August 26th

To clarify the now outdated liveblog schedule on the sidebar, I will attempt to set in stone the schedule for the remainder of the summer. The schedule is as follows:

Monday-Saturday @ 11:30 or so. Sundays will be off, unless someone else wants to start one. If I'm running late, or can't do one, I'll try and let everyone know via cbox, so that someone else can start it. Once August 26th comes, I head back to campus, and I don't know what will happen at that point. Hope this makes things a bit clearer.

1 Response to "Liveblog Schedule from Now Until August 26th"

  1. Dark Blue says:

    Not clearer at all, can we have a live blog now? How about now? NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!???

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