NCAA 11 Michigan Dynasty Pics & Broken Dynasty!

Figured I share a few pictures from my offline Michigan dynasty. Oh and BTW a huge flaw has been found in the dynasty, buyer beware. When getting to season 4 or 5 the overall of the teams start nose dive causing game play to plummet(dumb player,dropped balls,bad blocking,missed FGs). It's due to the incoming freshmen's AWR rating being way to low and not progressing enough through out the years. EA needs to get a patch out for this ASAP otherwise this guy will never buy again and this time... I mean it. Whats the point of dynasty if I can only play 4 years? I play 10+ most the time. Here is a LINK to the issue

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  1. Dark Blue says:

    Love that you included a pic of Greg Banks. That dude is the focal point of the redemption tour. Thanks for the good stuff Shredder.

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