Rich Rodriguez and The Road to Redemption

Every day each one of us has the chance to redeem ourselves, for something we have done. Rich Rod gets this chance soon enough, to make up for God-awful 2008 and 2009 football seasons. The construction of this road has been going on for awhile, it started in 2008 with the signing of his first recruiting class, and continues to this day. The pieces are there its time to make this thing work. Can he do it? I myself think so, however I’m not Miss Cleo, I don’t have the gift of being a psychic.

However like I said the pieces are in place, if RR gets it done, he will get a loud standing ovation, from Dark Blue, along with several ridiculous posts, about how I called it. Although there is thousands of people that have called for his success, not all of them write for a well written blog. Don’t worry guys I will be your voice.
So what does Corch Rod have to do to be successful? Normally I’d use bullets here but you know what, its a time for starting over, and I’m going to do this in paragraph form. What’s the worse thing that can happen? You won’t read it, no big deal.

First of all Rodriguez has to do things the right away, THE LEADERS AND BEST way. This means no extra stretching time(really no shit?). I’m sure that all of the players know this, and doing the hard work the right way will be second nature, to these kids.

Secondly there needs to be offensive leadership. Michigan is poised to do this well, whether its Tate Forcier, David Molk, Steve Schilling, or someone else. This team is deep on offense, and some of these guys are going to have to step up and be a LEADER. I fully anticipate this team having a record setting offensive year, but this can’t be done without leadership.

Thirdly there cannot be anymore missed assignments on the defensive side of the ball. I don’t care if the top 3 playmakers on the ‘09 team are gone. If the 11 players on defense make the plays they are supposed to, fill the gaps that they are supposed to, this will be a very good football team. There is senior leadership in Ezeh, and Mouton, There is all kinds of talent. Execution, execution, execution, execution, execution …….. If this happens I have no worries about our defense.

Fourthly and lastly, what does RR have left to lose? This guy has taken cheap shots from every member of the MSM. He has had “real” Michigan Men beat him down. What else does he have to lose? He can go out there each and every week and let it all hang loose. Why not, if Michigan underperforms in 2010,  there probably won’t be a 2011 for Corch Rod. So Corch if you read this(lmao) go out there and let it fly.

Also CMR, is working on a project that is so fucking rad, I nearly had to pluck my eyes out of their sockets. When she is finished I will post it here. Also A Remy Zero Video just for fun. Cya on the Live Blogs. 

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