Shreds Top 15


Others receiving votes.

Well it's been a while. Live blogs slowed for a bit but now seem to be picking up steam as the season gets closer.

Dark Blue hold the number 1 spot for his Midknights of the round table. It's been a great read and fun to do.
SCS keeps helping me by starting the LB's which makes it easier on me at my job. CMR has surged as a great member of the MM society with helping us produce LB's. JC keeps us going when we might just wanna  die in the off season with tidbits of news & recruiting. Seth9 has had PC issues and other tasks that have kept his Live Blog stays short but we can always expect a whopper of a post at least once a week. Irish has been getting hyped for ND's upcoming season.. So much so he has hit level "Smug". CD always comes with a lot to say or a short stay, we like him at either dose. Fly and sec20 have been dropping in for short stays but we always enjoy what they bring. OSD is fighting sand storms as we speak.

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