Breaking News! Michigan to change Helmets for UMASS!

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Misopongon's quote was so good it needs to be shown in it's entirety.
One thing about the maizestaches on the helmets, I don't see this as "selling out" at all, but a return to tradition.

Back when football was young, it was a much more brutal game. Not only didn't players have wings on their helmets; they didn't have helmets at all. This meant that each play, players would basically just smash faces. Since virtually everyone back then had a mustache, by the time everyone left the field, there would be maize and blue (and purpley) mustache marks on everyone's foreheads.

Mustaches and stripes have been a key part of the Michigan tradition since 1879. With the UMass game we will honor such illustrious founders as head coach Albert S. Pettit (back row, far right); halfback Edmund H. Barmore (front row, far right); rushers William W. Hannan (back row, 2nd from left), David DeTar (back row, 3rd from left), Irving Kane Pond (middle row, far left), and John Chase (middle row, 3rd from left); and goalkeeper (wait, what?) Charles A. Mitchell (back row, 4th from left).

This is the team that beat the 'g' (gentlemanly replacing it with an 'e') out of Racine College, 1-0, then fought mighty Toronto to a 0-0 standstill (and you thought scheduling mid-majors was a problem today?). U-Mass is a perfect game for this, since it hearkens back to the days when Michigan was dying for a chance to line our forehead staches up against those of the mighty East Coast teams. Sure, the land grant-y former Massachusetts Agricultural College is the Michigan State of the Commonwealth, but apparently Harvard and Yale and Princeton are still afraid of the Champions of the West. Figures.

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