Death by Roll Out

Mouton its okay to blow him out of space like he was Alderion

Watching Umass Murder Michigan by Roll Out on Saturday made my inner charting skills come to life. I was miffed how I could call a Roll out on almost all the 3rd down plays but Michigan was powerless to even put a dent in them. I'm never one to do much charting and leave it to the greats(Brian ect) but watching Umass dial up the same gig on many 3rd downs had me wondering... How many yards? Whos at Fault? and that old Back to the Future II question.... Who What Where and When? Or Why? Whatever... On to the chart!!!

Roll out! roll out! roll out! roll out!

[chorus - "roll out!" in background]
I got my twin glock .40s, cocked back
Me and my homies, so drop that!

Disclaimer:My Crude chart is in no way better than anything Brian or TOB does(charting wise, not MS Paint). It maybe laughable.

RO or MP Yards Responsible Result
Roll Out 16 yards J.Rogers First Down
Roll Out 0 yards Floyd Break up
Moved Pocket 4 Yards J.Rogers Holding on Umass
Roll Out 13 Yards J.Kovacs 1st Down
Moved Pocket 0 Yards Mouton 2nd Down
Roll Out 8 Yards J.Rogers 1st Down
Roll Out 10 Yards O.Ezeh First Down
Roll Out 7 Yards Mouton QB rush TD(Jonas its OK to try and dislodge the QBs head from his body when he tries to rush for the endzone. Wait thats a flag now...sigh/fuck me)
Roll Out 16 Yards J.Rogers First Down
Roll Out 5 yards C.Gordan Thrown TD
Moved Pocket 8 Yards J.Rogers 1st Down
  • Out of 11 Roll Outs or Moved Pockets UMASS hit on 8 of them. Two were good Michigan defense and one was a UMASS holding call.
  • UMASS gained 87 yards on Roll outs
  • James Rogers was to blame for 5 of them.
  • 6 of the 11 went for first downs and 2 for Touchdowns 
  • Mouton could have smashed the UMASS QB on 2 yard line on the TD Roll Out but for some magical reason pulled up and tried to avoid hitting the QB.... Still have a WTF look on my face.
  • I'm surprised Robinson didn't dial up a blitz from the left so when the QB rolls right...BAM! But what do I know? Not much I can tell you that
  • 5 Roll Outs in the first half
  • 6 Roll Outs in the second half
So looking at it.... It's like a money play you use on NCAA 11 when your brother is better than you and this all you got to keep drives alive. It's cheap and dirty but you do it to keep pace or even compete. Coaching was bad here. The Michigan coaching staff showed no adjustment to these plays. I am wondering if Coach Rich Rod is saying on the head set after the 5th Roll Out "Hey Silver Fox do you plan on doing something about this? ". I dunno... I just wonder if Rich needs to be more hands on when teams pick you apart with two TEs and a Roll out play on most 3rd downs. Michigan learned nothing after the half and almost cost the team and a head coach a lot. Until the next chartering bug hits me... I leave you with this.

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