Late Night Picks

I came out the winner last week. Which isn't really surprising. Now on to the the chart!!!!

Notes and News
  • This week is a bit more saucier
  • BAM!!! 
  • Seth and I drink way less Blue Drink than DB,SCS and Hulk
  • Neither Seth our I wanna pick ND but this ninja feels our secondary is just too ripe for ND and Kelly. 
  • FSU is back!! Get out the bow and arrows.
  • Is this an OSU blog? Oh god...
  • SC and UGA go splits.
  • I picked all of Hulks since he was a no show. One more week and your gone sucka!
  • Name that damn moon!(see last week)

7 Response to "Late Night Picks"

  1. SCS100 says:

    Hey! I picked FSU, not Oklahoma! I demand a change!

    MidMichWolverine says:

    Taking a stab at the moon....Jack Nicholson?

    Noted for your record

    No he this moon mascot was used to sell something. Good guess..

    tlp says:


    TLP has busted the moon puzzle. Yes it is Mac Tonight from the 1980's MCD ads. Youtube for you good sir.

    Dark Blue says:

    Shredder may you die 1 million painful agonizing deaths for picking ND. You lose sucker.

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