Late Night Picks

News and Notes

  • I was late getting out the match ups so that explains the "???". Just Email me and I will fix those or post them in the comments.
  • I remain supreme so far but this week started the real test with some great toss ups. 
  • As a whole we are 55-20 which is pretty damn good. MM noows itzz shitzz yo!
  • I am drinking what D.Hart was drinking last week. WAR EAGLE! OR BIRD..
  • No one loses on the Blue turf. I also think it should be illegal but thats another story. 
  • The Stanford Pine Cones are riding high but I go out on the limb and take the the Irish at home. Worked for Hulk last week out in "Zona".
  • Miami used to be the shit and than USC became the new Miami and than Florida became the new USC and now Bama is the new Florida..errrhhh ahhhh Get what I am saying? Don't bet against the new world beaters. 
  • No MidKnight Round Table this week. Blame it on Nihilism.

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