Making a Difference

Yesterday on MgoBlog I reached out to the Mgoboard for any donations of tickets to a Michigan football game. I had one great email after another of people offering their tickets to UMASS and BGSU. I was flattered and impressed with how much people were willing to give to the boys of St.Johns home. I am happy to say that one person had four tickets to the BGSU game that he was willing to donate. This will really work out well since the tickets will give us more time to plan our trip to AA.

I haven't told our boys yet but they will be sooooo excited. The two UM fans will flying around the house I am sure(they do after TDs anyway) once they find out. I even get to take another boy who is more of an NFL fan but was raving about Denard last week. Three kids were given a day they won't forget by great giving people. I wanna thank everyone who contacted me in by e-mail or by Mgoboard. You guys are outstanding people and the St.Johns Home Boys and I thank you so much. This should be such a great time. I know these people don't ask to be listed but I will just list the people by first name who were willing to give so much to us.

Greg,Ameed,Ron,Matt,Matt,Shawn,Douglas,Kevin,Ben,phjhu89,Adrian,Dagger,Maximinus Thrax,

I hope I didn't miss anyone. All these people deserve a lot of thanks for giving to others and our home. One Donation didn't come in a form of tickets but in T-shirts. This donor called M-den and had student shirts sent to us so we can wear them for next weekends game. Once again a 10000000 Thanks for giving to our boys. I know the tickets and shirts will be like Christmas to them in Sept.

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  1. Dark Blue says:

    Dude that is such a noble thing you did. The legend of the Shredder grows. I am sooooo proud to be associated with MM. +1 to you sir from now until forever

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